The WHI has partnered with the University of Michigan’s Health Policy Student Association to train more than 70 graduate students at the University of Michigan to conduct community outreach and education in the Washtenaw County area. As of January 31, the volunteers have reached nearly 300 community members with education and referrals.

Watch this video to learn more about how this project works!


The students have NOT been trained to conduct enrollment. Please contact one of the local Navigator or Certified Application  Counselor organizations in Washtenaw County to get enrolled!
Students have been trained to do basic education, outreach, and referrals at these types of events:

  • Formal presentation (with our without slides)
  • Health fair-style events
  • Community group events (book group, coffee hour, etc.)
  • Dropping off flyers across the county
  • One-on-one, in-person outreach with small businesses
  • Securing space for a blurb about health insurance enrollment in bulletins at local faith institutions

The students are able to do both one-on-one education with individuals and group presentations.


Student Resources

Presentation Materials


2015 slide deck WHI Medicaid Mktplace Ed Outreach General Pres Revised 1-9-15
2015 .pdf coming soon!



General Resources

 General outreach volunteer script Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2015 enrollment (annual salary)
Script Frequently Asked Questions  Health Reform Glossary