Doctor and Patient

Final recommendations in the following areas have been adopted by the steering committee for current and future implementation strategies, pilot programs and planning efforts in the following topical areas:

  • Primary Care Capacity and Safety Net Clinic Coordination
  • Community Coordination and Dental Services
  • Medicaid and Marketplace Outreach and Enrollment
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Care

Primary Care Work Group
1. Primary Care Capacity: Analyze and expand primary care access for WHI target populations by working with the local health systems and safety net providers.
2. Safety Net Clinic Coordination: Explore and implement ways for community clinics to leverage resources and work together to better serve the priority population.

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Care Work Group
3. Assessment of the population with mild/moderate mental illness
4. Community Mental Health Patient Assessment: suspended
5. Opioid Project: in development
6. Frequent Users Systems Engagement: Reduce emergency room visits of homeless residents
7. Tailored Mental Health Management Support (TaMMS): Incorporate a behavioral health resource to support primary care physicians and improve access to mental health care in safety net settings.

Community Coordination and Dental Services Work Group
8. Connecting Veterans’ Families to Health and Social Services:
in development
9. Single Resource for Aging Population:  in development
10. Advance Care Planning Project: in development
11. Single  Community Health Assessment and Implementation Plan: Align nonprofit hospitals’ Community Health Needs Assessments and Implementation Plans to create a single plan for all hospitals.
12. TBD New Dental Project: in development
13.  Dental Acute Care Pilot: Add additional providers and hours to the Community Dental Center to increase access to acute dental care for patients with abscesses that are referred from area emergency departments.
14. Care Net – Care Management Coordination: Implement a pilot program to improve coordinated care for patients in safety net settings.

Medicaid and Marketplace Outreach and Enrollment Work Group
15. Education of Newly Insured Residents: in development
16. Medicaid Enrollment Partnership with DHS: Locate a Department of Human Services (DHS) workers at the Washtenaw Health Plan to facilitate Medicaid enrollment. Partner with the United Way of Washtenaw County to locate three Community Resource Navigator AmeriCorps members at area agencies to assist with benefits enrollment.
17. Enrollment Outreach & Education Coordination: Educate uninsured residents of Washtenaw County about their options for health care coverage using the Health Insurance Marketplace or enrolling in the Healthy Michigan Plan. Coordinate the training and technical assistance of those conducting enrollment in new health care coverage options. 

Complete projects

Detox Protocol: Create a streamlined process for referral to medically-supported detoxification services.

Reduced Fee Dental Initiative: Work with community dentists on a reduced fee referral program for low-income adults.

Blue Cross Complete Pilot / Connecting New Medicaid Enrollees with Primary Care Physicians and Community Resources: Use Community Health Advocates trained by the Washtenaw County Public Health Department to connect new Blue Cross Complete Medicaid members to primary care providers at Packard Health, and to other needed community resources