Care Net

Staffed by: Ruth Kraut

Proposed Goal

State the overarching goal of the project. Consider including words like increase, decrease, improve, coordinate, or align.


WHP staff in conjunction with a leadership team will work to increase networks and training for case/care managers in Washtenaw County, who work across the health and social services safety nets

Measures of Success:

  1. Hold 5-10 free training sessions annually for case/care managers on areas of concern
  2. Maintain a listserve for county case/care managers to share information, resources, and to trouble-shoot concerns
  3. Provide opportunities for case/care managers to network and learn about each other as well as county resources


Work Plan

Proposed timeline:

January-June 2016: Second Cohort of Harm Reduction Training

Trainings on Medicaid and Medicare

Speed Dating Networking event

Listserve Maintenance

Bimonthly Leadership Team Meetings


July-December 2016:

Follow-up meetings to Harm Reduction Training for cohorts that have gone through

harm reduction training

Evaluation of harm reduction trainings/possibility of offering more?

Thanksgiving Networking/Thank You event

Introduction to Case/Care Management training

Listserve Maintenance

Bimonthly Leadership Team Meetings



Ruth Kraut is the chair of the CCDS and is the coordinator of CareNet



Leadership Team:

Ellen Rabinowitz, WCPH and WHP

Ruth Kraut, WHP

Tim Florence, CMH

Trish Cortes, CMH

Brent Williams, UMHS

Donna Fox, UMHS

Tarun Abraham, SJMHS