VA Volunteer Respite Program

Staffed by: Gwendolyn C. Hooks

Proposed Goal

The overall goal of this program is to meet the caregiver support needs of all Veterans within Washtenaw County. In the initial phase of this program, we will focus on homebound Veterans currently receiving care from VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System.


VA Ann Arbor Voluntary Service

Measures of Success:

  1. Pre and post intervention assessments will be performed measure success using the Zarit Caregiver Burden Scale.
  1. Success will be defined as a decrease in the pre-intervention caregiver burden score.

Work Plan

  1. Proposed timeline:
    1. Program success will be measured at various intervals, but we have the following goal(s) for the first and second years:
      1. Provide intervention to approximately 60 homebound Veterans with elevated Burden Scores as indicated by the Zarit Caregiver Burden scale.
  1. By year six of the program the goal is to provide support to all Veteran caregivers in Washtenaw County collaborating with our community partners.
  1. The Volunteer Caregiver Respite Program will function as a subset of the Community Coordination and Dental Services Workgroup with primary responsibility given to VA Ann Arbor Healthcare system.
    1. VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System


Dr. Christine Cigolle and VA Staff Gwendolyn Hooks

Who involved?

  1. VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System
    1. GRECC
    2. Planning & Analysis
    3. Voluntary Services
  2. University of Michigan Hospital and Health Systems
    1. Referrals
  1. Joseph Mercy Health System
    1. Referrals
  1. Social service agencies
    1. Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County
    2. Jewish Family Services