WHI Advance Care Planning Project

The WHI ACP group published a guide for community members to use to discuss their health care wishes.


Staffed by: Jaque King

Proposed Goal

To improve the quality of life for Washtenaw County residents so when they face a serious illness[1], their preferences are known and respected


Promote a more patient-centered approach to delivering advance care planning in Washtenaw County by:

  • Recommending a standardized process for advance care planning across all healthcare providers and settings,
  • Engaging community members to identify gaps in care and determine best practices, and
  • Educating providers and community members on the steps involved in advance care planning and providing tools to support the various processes.

[1] Defined as the last two years of life.

Measures of Success:

  1. Increase the use of and improve the process of advance care planning (ACP) among Washtenaw County residents facing serious illness.
  2. Objective 1: Identify gaps or challenges to advance care planning by May 2016.
  3. Objective 2: Develop a toolkit for ACP across all healthcare providers and settings in the county by Fall 2016.
  4. Objective 3: Educate and increase awareness of the steps involved in ACP among Washtenaw County providers and community members by providing tools to support the various processes by Q1 2017.

Work Plan

  1. Proposed timeline:
    1. Field testing of ACP Conversation Guide: June-August, 2016
    2. Disseminate ACP Guide: Fall, 2016
    3. Evaluate ACP Guide: December, 2016 – May, 2017
  2. This work is hosted by the WHI and falls under the Community Coordination and Dental Services Workgroup. Jaque King is the CHRT staff lead for the project


Marianne Udow-Phillips (CHRT) and Gloria Brooks (Arbor Hospice) champion this effort.


Name Organization
Anita L Hart UMHS Physician (part of UMHS ACP Steering Committeee), also the UMHS focus group facilitator
Kathryn Shindeldecker Project Manager, U-M Office of Population Health
Marcy Bohm Waldinger Retired, Administrator at UMHS Cancer Center
Maria A Han Medical Director, U-M Office of Population Health
Maria J Silveira Physician and researcher, UM
Marianne Udow-Phillips CHRT
Marie Beisel MiPCT
Phillip Eugene Rodgers UM Physician, Assoc. Director, Adult Palliative Care Program
Scott Johnson MiPCT
Shitanshu Uppal UM Physician, Gynecologic Oncologist
Amy Olszewski Gift of Life Michigan
Steven J. Bednarski Senior Executive Director, Home and Community Based Programs, Evangelical Homes
Laura Champagne Executive Director at Citizens for Better Care (Retired?)
Claire Ankuda UM Family Physician, RWJ program
Dale Berry President and CEO, Emergent Health Partners (Huron Valley Ambulance or HVA)
Deb Young Formerly part of WHI, worked in patient engagement / parish nurse program at SJ’s, colleague and friend of Julie Seitz
Gloria Brooks Co-Chair, President of Arbor Hospice
Gen Stewart Hospitalist at SJ’s, Medical Director, Palliative Care
Gen Stewart Hospitalist at SJ’s, Medical Director, Palliative Care
Heather Renfro Intern, HV PACE (note-taker at their focus group)
Jennifer Cullen Blueprint for Aging
Jill Savage Palliative Care Coordinator
VA Ann Arbor Health Care System
Julie Seitz ACP leader, SJMHS
Kim Thompson Vice President of Operations
Glacier Hills
Kristian Speelman Chaplain, Ann Arbor
Sheryl Kurze Physician, hospice and palliative care
Kristyn Vermeesch BCBSM, works on end-of-life activities with Melissa Watson
Merilynne Rush Training in Respecting Choices, background in midwirfery and nursing, runs the Death Café in Ann Arbor
Melissa Watson BCBSM, works on end-of-life activities
Pamela Olah Assistant to Denise Rabidoux
Oliver Kim US Senate
Denise Rabidoux President and CEO, Evangelical Homes of Michigan
Randy Bloom HVA’s Quality Manager
Rick Bluhm Executive Director,
Huron Valley PACE
Sonja Love Felton Center Director, HV PACE
Sheila Gomez Retired, Allegiance Health, leader of MI POST pilot program and case management
Virginia Boyce Blueprint for Aging