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A voluntary, county-wide collaboration focused on improving the health of low-income, uninsured, and under-insured populations.

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10th anniversary timeline demonstrates the power of collaboration.

The Patient and Protection Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law on March 23rd, 2010. The most sweeping health care reform the U.S. had seen in decades, the ACA was meant to dramatically increase access to health insurance for those without employer-sponsored care, to expand access to Medicaid for low-income Americans, and to encourage states to develop and explore innovative medical care delivery methods designed to lower the cost, and improve the quality, of health care. The federal reforms were clear, but how Washtenaw County would respond was another question entirely.

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Our 2019 impact report

The WHI’s 2019 impact report focuses on the activities undertaken by active work groups, comprised of representatives from dozens of Washtenaw County organizations that have much to be proud of. 

2019 highlights include: 

  • MMOE Work Group members trained college students to distribute more than 10,000 flyers in low-coverage neighborhoods, giving residents and businesses contact information for local agencies that can assist them with Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan, and Health Insurance Marketplace applications.
  • MHSUD Work Group members strengthened connections between behavioral health care providers and social service agencies across the county, helping to identify the community’s most pressing unmet needs, particularly around substance use treatment, and collaborated on action plans designed to address them.

Dawn Farm (@dawnfarm), a WHI member organization, supports long term treatment services for people experiencing addiction and those in recovery. The facility—yes, it is an actual farm—provides education, employment, and peer support on-site.

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“We are setting up an infrastructure so physicians have data on their patients to understand their social needs" and refer them for housing, food, and other help says Dr @MichaelEnglesbe, a key partner in this #healthequity work.

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Growing older impacts all of us, and we can influence that process to be about healthy and fulfilling aging. AAACF commissioned research from @RootCause to explore: 2020 Washtenaw County Healthy & Fulfilling Aging Systems Research Report. Read: