Current Projects

Eight active work groups meet regularly to address the Washtenaw Health Initiative’s focus areas. With support from staff members at the Center for Health and Research Transformation (CHRT), these groups generate innovative ideas to improve health and healthcare in the county, identify and share information on medical and social care gaps, coordinate and leverage resources, and plan and direct strategic projects and activities.

WHI Opioid Project

Across the U.S., opioid overdoses have reached epidemic levels. Since 2011, more than 450 people have died of opioid overdoses in Washtenaw County alone. The Washtenaw Health Initiative (WHI) Opioid Project intends to change that.

A volunteer organization, the opioid project brings concerned community members together with professionals from law enforcement, public health, community mental health, treatment programs, and hospitals to combat opioid misuse and overdose while meeting the needs of those living with chronic pain.

Believing that every person has a part to play in ending the opioid epidemic in Washtenaw County, the project promotes opportunities for residents and professionals to get involved, make a difference, and combat this epidemic. 

Community-focused action

The WHI Opioid Project is committed to addressing gaps within our community in an effort to combat the grip Opioid Use Disorder has on Washtenaw County. In our efforts, the Opioid Project has developed a list of 19 community recommendations that directly address five major gaps the Opioid Project has identified. Through the work of three subcommittees, a cross-sector collaboration of community partners works to address these recommendations. Together, they are working to change the face of addiction to one of recovery.


Membership in the Opioid Project is fluid, but participants come from local hospitals, schools, treatment centers, research organizations, mental health programs, community groups, prepaid health plans, and importantly, members of the recovery community. Current members include representatives from Washtenaw County Community Mental Health and the Washtenaw County Health Department.

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