February stakeholders meeting focuses on strategic priorities: 2019 – 2022

Over the next three months, the Washtenaw Health Initiative (WHI) will engage in a series of conversations with stakeholders and partners to inform strategic priorities for the next three years (2019 – 2022). At the February 22 meeting, stakeholders reviewed past and current WHI projects, feedback from the 2018 member survey, and potential strategic priorities for future work. They then split into groups to discuss two questions:

  • Based on past and current WHI projects, what should the WHI’s strategic priorities be going forward?
  • Should the WHI say it: a) “increases member organizations’ ability to measure the effectiveness of programs that address a specific community health problem” and b) “reduces duplication of programs and services within the county?” In previous member surveys, the WHI asked these questions and members flagged these as opportunities for growth.

Feedback was collected from each table, and will be anonymized and shared to inform future conversations at the WHI’s March 4 Executive Committee meeting and March 12 Steering Committee meeting. Following these meetings, CHRT staff members and WHI leaders will solicit additional feedback from key WHI partners about proposed priorities. And at the next WHI stakeholders meeting, which is scheduled for May 13, attendees will be asked to review and provide final input on the priorities proposed.

For interested individuals and organizations who were unable to attend the February meeting, the WHI welcomes your feedback on the questions listed above.

As you consider these questions, it may be helpful to review the handouts from the February meeting, including:

  • an illustration of the WHI’s structure and projects;
  • descriptions of each of these projects; and
  • the February stakeholders meeting packet, which includes 1) a description of the process WHI will use to identify strategic priorities; 2) a list of potential strategic priorities, including mental health and substance use disorders, senior-related supports and services, and community coordination/social determinants; and 3) the WHI’s member survey action plan.

Also at the February stakeholders meeting:

  • Norman Herbert introduced the Washtenaw Health Initiative’s newest steering committee member, Krista Girty, executive director of Ozone House, who will fill the open community representative position. Other new steering committee members include organizational representatives Mark Hausman, chief of staff, VA Ann Arbor Health System and Bill Manns, president and CEO, St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor and Livingston. Norman Herbert and Doug Strong will continue to serve as WHI co-chairs and Brent Williams will continue to serve as secretary.
  • Liz Conlin, chair of the WHI communications committee, provided updates on the WHI’s progress with the e-newsletter and website refresh. Liz shared a handout showing the front page of the draft website and talked stakeholders through a number of new features, including feeds for news, events, and social media; pages for each active work group; pages to recognize organizational members and donors; work group member lists (without contact information); and more. The draft site will be shared with work group chairs and co-chairs for their feedback in the coming weeks, and we hope to launch it in the spring.