Health department’s ‘It is POSSIBLE’ campaign launched to combat the opioid epidemic in Washtenaw County

By Matt Hill, Program Manager

The Washtenaw County Health Department recently announced the launch of a public education campaign focused on combating the widespread effects the national opioid epidemic has had on our local community. Titled “It is POSSIBLE,” the campaign aims to elevate stories of recovery in our community and to promote safer substance consumption.

One component of the campaign highlights videos sharing the stories of three Washtenaw residents and their journeys to find recovery from substance use disorder. In addition to the videos, these remarkable individuals are also featured on billboards and bus advertisements that can already be seen around the county.

While stories of recovery are essential in the effort to reduce stigma surrounding substance use disorder, the health department also recognizes the need for education surrounding safer use practices and other measures designed to prevent opioid overdoses.

These resources include posters, door-hangers, and window clings that provide the general public with information that could save the lives of many. Messages include warnings that fentanyl may be present in drugs being sold on the street, where to find and how to use Naloxone, the importance of not using substances alone, and the locations of safe and anonymous local drug disposal sites.

All of these recovery materials are free to organizations that wish to display them. For more information or to request printed materials for your organization, please reach out to Matthew Hill at