Health insurance myths: A two-page overview for clients

The Medicaid and Marketplace Outreach and Enrollment (MMOE) Work Group has developed a new client handout debunking common health insurance myths and connecting county residents to free health insurance enrollment assistance. In this two-pager, MMOE describes and debunks some of the common myths around health insurance. Our hope: That WHI members find this a useful document to share with their clients.

“There’s the idea that ‘I only need health insurance when I get sick,’ says Alena Hill of Michigan Medicine, co-chair of the work group. “We’re trying to get the message out that health insurance should also be used as preventive care—to help patients avoid getting sick when possible.”

Kim Hulbert from the Saint Joseph Mercy Health System says that “In some cases, by the time someone gets to our emergency room, they’re really, really sick. If we had been able to get them connected to care earlier, it may have prevented a serious illness.”

“Health care and health insurance—it’s confusing. It’s difficult to navigate,” continues Hulbert. “I want to get the message out that we’re here to help and answer questions.”

The MMOE Work Group is also offering to deliver presentations about health insurance myths, realities, and resources to local businesses, faith organizations, and others. To request a presentation, email

Health insurance myths: Two-pager for clients*

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