WHI member organization spotlight: Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools

Year founded: 1996

Mission: To provide school-based health programs and clinical services that improve the well-being of students, their families, and communities.

Key focus areas: Youth physical and behavioral healthcare.


  • Community-based approach: Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools (RAHS) uses community centers throughout Washtenaw County to provide services. Many of these locations include schools in the area, making care extremely accessible to students.

  • COVID-19 care: RAHS offers the COVID-19 vaccine series to any patient aged 5 to 21 at several of their locations. To protect their patients from COVID-19, RAHS takes the following steps:
    • Limiting the number of persons in the health center at any one time
    • Asking screening questions to all who enter the health center
    • Scheduling patients in advance or referring patients to care as needed
    • Using personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Preventative care: RAHS provides preventative care including yearly and sports-focused physicals, immunizations, sexually transmitted disease screenings, pregnancy testing, nutrition and fitness consulting, and vision services.
  • Chronic condition care: RAHS provides care for the screening and monitoring of chronic conditions, such as asthma.
  • Behavioral health care: RAHS provides individual, family, and group therapy.

Executive director: Angie Spence, MPA

Address: 3621 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48108-1633

Phone: 734-998-2163

Website: https://umhs-rahs.org

Facebook: @RegionalAllianceforHealthySchools