Current Projects

Eight active work groups meet regularly to address the Washtenaw Health Initiative’s focus areas. With support from staff members at the Center for Health and Research Transformation (CHRT), these groups generate innovative ideas to improve health and healthcare in the county, identify and share information on medical and social care gaps, coordinate and leverage resources, and plan and direct strategic projects and activities.

Medicaid & Marketplace Outreach & Enrollment

The Medicaid and Marketplace Outreach and Enrollment (MMOE) work group designs and implements community-based initiatives that increase enrollment in health insurance plans. Work group activities include:

  • Recruiting and training student volunteers to assist with outreach events and enrollment activities,
  • Helping work group volunteers and the organizations they serve promote Medicaid and Marketplace health plans on college campuses;
  • Educating those who assist with enrollment;
  • Tracking Medicaid and Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment at agencies across the county; and
  • Distributing flyers to encourage enrollment, particularly among students, immigrants, and small businesses in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area.


During the ninth open enrollment period alone which took place from November 1, 2021 to January 15, 2022, WHI member organizations processed approximately  1,306 Marketplace applications and questions and 2,472 Medicaid applications. 

Successes from this open enrollment period include: creation of flyers and a social media strategy; strategic paper and electronic flyer distribution; analysis of Medicaid and Marketplace enrollment data from the past five years, and increasing outreach and developing relationships with new organizations including faith-based organizations, school districts, and employer groups across Washtenaw County.

Ongoing work

In recent years, the federal government has made substantial changes to the funding and organization of outreach, education, and enrollment activities for the Health Insurance Marketplace. These changes have made recent open enrollment periods shorter, have reduced funding for advertising open enrollment, and have reduced funding for staff at local organizations that provide enrollment assistance.

The Medicaid and Marketplace Outreach and Enrollment Work Group has focused on ensuring that these barriers don’t prevent vulnerable populations in Washtenaw County from applying for the health insurance they require.

As of 2022, MMOE has made an intentional effort to focus on aging adults to enhance their insurance plan comprehension and ensure financial literacy for medical billing.


The MMOE work group members include staff and volunteers from University Health Services, Washtenaw County Community Mental Health, Trinity Health, and the Washtenaw Health Plan.

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