Sharon Moore replaces Norman Herbert as Co-Chair

In November, Norman Herbert, founding co-chair of the WHI, stepped down. Herbert previously served on the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation board, and he brought years of experience relevant to community building and sustainability. He was a founding member of the WHI whose contributions from 2010 to 2020 helped residents get access to health insurance and health care. In a Q&A with Norman Herbert, he said he was proud of the WHI’s advocacy efforts that led to more people enrolling in Medicaid, and the WHI’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In late 2020, Sharon Moore volunteered to be the new co-chair of the Washtenaw Health Initiative. Later, the Steering Committee approved Sharon’s appointment. Moore previously served as a board member for Packard Health and was invited to join the WHI Steering Committee by Doug Strong. As the new co-chair Moore hopes that “the WHI can assist work that is being done with respect to hearing community voices who are affected by the lack of race and health equity and determine where we might make necessary changes to practice what we might preach.”