First meeting

The concept paper and following informal discussions demonstrated a recognition that while Washtenaw County had incredible resources, they felt they needed a mechanism for developing and implementing a coordinated plan to improve care for individuals in need of primary and chronic health care services.

The local health systems concurred and agreed to send high-level representatives who would personally attend all meetings and allocate resources to specific initiatives that would reduce reliance on emergency rooms.

By the time the concept paper was delivered, the Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation (CHRT) had been selected to facilitate the work, St. Joseph Mercy Health System and Michigan Medicine had designated leaders to participate, and key organizations in the county had been identified as potential participants.

On Monday, November 8, 2010—just eight months after the passage of the ACA—and following Robert Laverty’s concept paper, a diverse group of health and community leaders from across Washtenaw County met to discuss the implications of the legislation for Washtenaw County residents. 

At that time the co-chairs were Bob Guenzel and Norman Herbert, the health system co-sponsors were Rob Casalou and Doug Strong, and the process facilitator was Marianne Udow-Phillips.