First published report

Six months after their first meeting, the WHI published a report: A picture of health care in Washtenaw County. Based on findings from dozens of community conversations, as well as additional research, the report highlighted a series of significant health care challenges for low-income and uninsured populations across Washtenaw County. It estimated that 28,864 individuals were uninsured in 2010. Of those, approximately 13,138 individuals were expected to be newly eligible for Medicaid, because of the ACA; and 10,728 others would likely be able to purchase coverage through the ACA’s new Health Insurance Marketplace. The report also included data on primary care, dental care, and mental health care access challenges in the county.

Through this report, the WHI shared its intentions to help improve access and care for residents, noting “even if the Act never goes into effect, it is apparent that much can and needs to be done to improve access to integrated and coordinated care for the current low-income, uninsured, and Medicaid populations in Washtenaw County.” Upon agreeing to continue the work of the WHI, the Steering Committee asked WHI committees to propose recommendations for future projects.