Tailored mental health management

On June 12th, a pilot project, the Tailored Mental Health Management and Support (TaMMS) Project began. The project was designed to help manage the treatment of depression and anxiety for patients served by four safety net clinics in Washtenaw County. The goal: to provide flexible, coordinated, and affordable services for patients with depression/anxiety served in primary care settings.

The Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders and Primary Care Capacity workgroups—both of which had independently identified the need for primary care settings to provide mental health care for mild to moderate mental illnesses—joined together to aid in early development of the program by researching effective care collaboration models and securing funding for the pilot. After the launch of TaMMS, the Washtenaw Health Initiative provided administrative support to the four participating clinics: the Packard Health Clinic, St. Joe’s Academic Internal Medicine Center, Michigan Medicine’s Ypsilanti Health Center, and Michigan Medicine’s A. Alfred Taubman Health Care Center.