Preventing homelessness

In July, the Improving the Homeless Response System team gave an update on their work. The goal of this initiative was to help the Livingston-Washtenaw Community Health Innovation Region (CHIR) make a plan to systematically address housing barriers to ensure that individuals and families experiencing homelessness could be housed quickly and permanently. After assessing supportive … Read more

Improving the homeless response system

At the April 9th Steering Committee meeting, members discussed a proposal for Improving the Region’s Homeless Response System. WHI leaders had been given the opportunity to systematically address barriers that individuals and families experiencing homelessness face. The goal: to find ways to address these barriers quickly and permanently. The Livingston-Washtenaw CHIR would be eligible to … Read more

Care coordination continues through MI Community Care

In July, the care coordination initiative, a Michigan SIM intervention designed by the Livingston-Washtenaw Community Health Innovation Region, was named MI Community Care (MiCC). The project received an additional $50,000 from the State of Michigan to support its homeless response system work, $40,000 in funding from the WHI, and pledges of pro-bono assistance from many … Read more

Final substance use systems change convening

On May 21st, the third and final SUD systems change convening occurred. Participants shared community input on the systems change suggestions that resonated best with stakeholders, which organizations were interested in championing them, and which seemed problematic. Then participants collaborated on an action plan, including what to do, how to fund it, and how to … Read more