Governor Congratulates Washtenaw County DHS Staff on Job Well Done

Governor Snyder has sent a letter to the Washtenaw County DHS office congratulating the entire DHS team on its “willingness to innovate and try new approaches” and for being engaged and committed to make the Medicaid Outreach and Enrollment efforts work. He reviews the scope of the success of the program and adds, “Most impressive, is the fact that you have done this by collaborating with community partners without added cost to the state. This is certainly an example of the kinds of initiatives that can become models for the rest of the state.”

WHI Hero award recipients
Left to right: Renee Adorjan, Acting Washtenaw County DHS Director; Mischa Gaffney, Family Independence Manager; Liz Ahrens, award recipient; and Haley Manuel, award recipient. Not pictured: Tiffany Gore, award recipient, and Annette Wilde, Section Manager.


WHI Hero Award
WHI Hero Award

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  1. You have to be kidding!……with all the children they have taken under wrongful allegations. I know of several cases in that county that were just abuse of families for federal funding and I live clear across the state. But of course, we must bring that federal funding from Social Security Title IV into the state, even if it the trafficking is done using children.

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